Why is the Turkey Moving?

– Kim

You only had one glass of wine

It was a lovely Florida Thanksgiving evening. There were fourteen of us sitting around the table, chatting noisily, and looking forward to the coming feast. The food was set out on the kitchen counter, buffet style, so everyone could help themselves. Suddenly, my father says, “Kim, the turkey is moving!” “Oh no, Dad, I only gave you one glass of wine,” I thought to myself. Before I could even think of a response, my daughter said, “Mom, look! The turkey really is moving!”


It truly is amazing the absurd thoughts that go through your head when you hear something this bizarre. I knew I had cooked the turkey, so how on earth could it be moving?  I looked over into the kitchen and sure enough, the turkey was inching its way towards the far side of the counter. In the blink of an eye, I thought, “it wasn’t alive when we got it. Maybe the house is tilting. No! It can’t be moving!” When I went into the kitchen, there was my eight-pound Miniature Pinscher. He was about half the weight of the turkey himself, yet he had his little mouth around the end of one of the turkey’s legs. It reminded me of some sort of impossible tractor pull. He had his eye on the prize and was not giving up easily. I felt as if I could read his mind, and he was thinking, “I went through a lot of effort to get up here and it’s mine now”. So I let him try growling at me as I put him gently on the floor. We all had a good laugh that night and for years to come.♠

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Why is the Turkey Moving?
They can’t resist my cuteness!


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