That One Time Gert was Robbed by “Social Engineers”

Believe it or not, Gert was robbed more than once, although the second time wasn’t at gunpoint. No, this time the thieves used a form of “social engineering”, which nowadays is often defined in the context of keeping your business data safe. But we’re all vulnerable to this. As Forcepoint explains it in “What is Social Engineering?”, the common definition is “the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.” [Forcepoint]

Sadly, Gert was once social engineered, as she explains in this video:

We’ve all heard the warnings, of course, especially women; don’t leave your bag in your shopping cart! And definitely don’t ever, ever walk around with your bag open.

We’ve Heard the Warnings

Well, here’s Dawne. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. And I can’t count the number of times I’ve been warned, often by women just like Gert. Awhile back, I started to (finally) realize how dumb that is. Here’s a great piece of advice that I’ve fervently adhered to ever since: take the cute little shopping cart seat belts that are meant to hold your child in place, and use them to secure your (CLOSED!) handbag.

Now, could someone make off with my cart? Sure. Could they cut the bag straps and run? Yep. But, given my continuing (and probably dumb) refusal to carry my bag, strapping it in place as if it’s an energetic toddler is a pretty good second best.

A great handbag
It’s a great bag! But your stuff shouldn’t be spilling out because the bag should be closed at all times. Photo by from Pexels.

Gert Would Not Approve

I doubt Gert would approve, though, so let’s just keep it between us! In the meantime, we hate to say “Don’t talk to strangers,” so we’ll say “Be careful of strangers who appear to be overly friendly.” And keep that bag zipped, no matter what!

What about you? If you’ve got a bag story to share, or a great safety tip, leave a comment or post in our Facebook group.♠

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