What Happens When Gert Gets Robbed at Gunpoint?

You may recall that we introduced you to Gert, our 95-year-old hero. We’re creating a series of video interviews with this lively woman; she’s had some fascinating life experiences, some good and some not good at all!

Today’s story falls in the “not good at all!” column; Gert tells us the story of when she and her husband were robbed at gunpoint.

Luckily, both were unharmed, although they were inconvenienced – and very frightened! Naturally, she had to go through the aggravation of replacing all of her important information, such as her driver’s license and credit cards. We’re just glad that it wasn’t worse.

After the robbery, Gert changed some of her habits. Here’s Gert’s advice – these are great suggetions for all of us!

Gert’s Safety Tips

  • Park your car in front of the restaurant or wherever you’re going
  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Carry a crossbody bag
  • Keep a list of your doctors’ names and phone numbers in your bag
  • Don’t carry too many credit cards
  • Don’t carry your checkbook – if you are going somewhere where you’ll need to write a check, just bring that one check with you.

Thank you, Gert, and we’re so glad you were ok!

What about you? If you’ve got safety tips to share, leave a comment or post in our Facebook group.♠

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