Should You Always Expect Remembering to Be Cathartic?

(Note from Kim and Dawne regarding the video below: We know, the bird was a little too engaged in our conversation. Note from Dawne: I have threatened to serve that bird on Thanksgiving. Kidding! Relax.)

When we first began talking about creating Who Stole My Pockets, we fervently believed that it would be cathartic for us both. We each hold dear (and not-so-dear) memories of our parents, just like everyone else. But there are so many experts who sling around the word “catharsis” as if it’s some magical land to which you will travel if you just follow whatever “10 steps to…” that people promise you.

Expecting “catharsis” may mean that you’re putting undue pressure on yourself to experience what other people say you should. To that, we say: “Bah!”

For some people, the very things that are supposed to bring catharsis bring the exact opposite. (Fun fact: says there’s one antonym for “catharsis”, which is “dirtying.” That makes no sense at all, so we’re ignoring it.) In our opinion, there are no hard-and-fast rules about catharsis – just like there are no hard-and-fast rules about your feelings.

Take a look at our conversation in this video, and – like us – give yourself permission to feel catharsis, or its opposite.♠

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